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4-H is a member of the 3-Position Air Rifle Council.

The 3PARC has an approved list of rifles that may be fired in 3PARC sanctioned matches. 3PARC anctioned matches include the American Legion Postal matches and championship, the NM Junior Olympics, the National JO's, and the National 4-H Championships.

Here in NM we do allow other sporter airguns in 4-H competitions, but shooters and coaches should be aware that those non-approved rifles may not be fired in a sanctioned match.

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Here are the 2010-2012 3-Position Air Rifle Council Approved Sporter Air Rifles



Note all these rifles should have a reduced club price to keep them below the CMP price limit of $525

The Daisy AVANTI 887 is the new rifle from Daisy which is the 888 fitted to a 753 style stock. It has a Lothar-Walther barrel that is the same as the olympic precision air rifles. This is now the gun to have.

This is the 888 action mated to a 753 style laminated stock.
Retail price for these is $400. This should be the gun the older shooters should order as it is a touch heavier than the 888.

The Daisy AVANTI 888 Medalist is a consistently precise CO2-powered rifle designed specifically for shooters who want to test their skills in competition. The refillable 2.5 oz. CO2 cylinder, when properly filled, provides 300 shots without significant drop in muzzle velocity. Includes rail adapter. This rifle is essentially the same as the 853 (below), except for the CO2 gas system.

The 888 is the overwhelming choice for the Valencia County 4-H shooters. This rifle has a Retail price of $380.

If more precise front and rear sights (Gamo style) are required, these features add about another $110.

The Daisy 853 Pneumatic was, until a few years ago, the head of the class of 10-meter competition. Features a Lothar WaltherTM rifled high-grade, steel barrel that is precision bored for .177 caliber match pellets. Crowned 12 lands and grooves. Right hand twist. Also features micro-adjustable sights and a handsome, sporter-style hardwood stock. (Trigger pull is non-adjustable at about 4-5 lb. This may be legally modified, but some mechanical skills are required)

The Daisy 853CM adds a black composite 753 style stock to a 853 action, Gamo style sights, and an extra barrel weight. (Trigger pull is non-adjustable at about 4-5 lb. This may be legally modified, but some mechanical skills are required)

The Daisy 953 has a black composite stock.

The 853/953 series are fine shooting rifles, but are difficult (impossible for smaller shooters) for shooters to cock in the prone and kneeling positions. You will still see many of these rifles in JROTC programs. You should be able to find these rifles for under $320.

Again, all the pnematic pump guns are very accurate, but are difficult to cock and fire in the prone position.

For years competitive shooters excelled with the Daisy 753 pneumatic. From local matches to national competitions, require a unique combination of superior accuracy and exceptional balance. The Elite is specially designed and engineered for the intermediate competitive shooter. Dollar for dollar, it delivers more quality and accuracy than any rifle in its class.

The 753 is the 853 rifle with a much more efficient stock (high cheekpiece and pistolgrip), and comes standard with the "Gamo" style competition sight set. An excellent rifle, but again, as a pneumatic rifle is difficult to use in a 3-Position match.


Retail is $379 ... suggestion: go with the 887

The Daisy XSV-40 is a Compressed Air Rifle. No longer made.
Expect to pay between $450 and $500 used for these ... if you can find them.

Daisy was the US importer for this CZ manufactured Air Rifle and got it approved by the 3PARC. It is a wonderful gun for smaller shooters, but it's nearly $500 price tag was pretty steep. Daisy no longer imports this rifle.

You now must keep the buttplate in the mid position as shown. (2007 rules)

The Air Arms T200 is one of the newer approved rifles. It is compressed air rifle, very similar to the XSV-40, but with non-adjustable cheekpiece and butt-plate.

This is the "new" XSV-40 style rifle. The action is the same as the XSV-40, but there are no adjustments to the stock. Just like the the XSV-40, this is a CZ manufactured rifle.

Club price for this rifle is $515, Retail is $525 to keep it below CMP price limit rules.

Comes with very cheap Chinese sights, so plan to purchase a set of Crosman Gamos to go on this for another $100. (worth it!)

Crosman Challenger CH 2009. Crosman is proud to introduce to the world the latest and greatest in competition airguns; the all new Challenger PCP. This Sporter Class air rifle was recently reviewed by the National Three-Position Air Rifle Council's committee and was approved as legal for use in Sporter Class air rifle competition.

The Challenger PCP kept the adjustable stock and ambidextrous bolt handle from the wildly popular Challenger 2000, but now includes a patented integral locking mechanism. Additionally, the completely re-designed feature set includes a two-stage, match grade, adjustable trigger and a Lothar Walther barrel for unsurpassed accuracy. The gun comes equipped with the ability to operate on either CO2 or compressed air, using Crosman's highly successful PCP platform.

Combine all of this with a visible pressure gauge and user friendly loading port, and the Challenger PCP becomes a gun that all competition shooters, young and old, can be proficient with in any shooting event.

This rifle is list at $629 which is outside of the CMP 3-P rule price limits.

Very nice stock adjustments .... as a matter of fact the best of all the sporters, now uses the same Lothar-Walthers as in the Daisy's.

It is powered by Air or CO2, but you must refill quite often. In a 3x20 event, you should make sure it is recharged before the kneeling position.

You now must keep the buttplate in the mid position(2007 rules)

AirForce EDGE has the look and feel of much more expensive precision class air guns but is approved for the Sporter Class and available at a Sporter price
Unique features include an ambidextrous cocking knob, regulated air system, adjustable length of pull, cheek piece, and forearm. It is availab with the TS1 Adaptive airgun sight and hooded front sight.
.The EDGE is the only regulated 3P Air Rifle Council approved Sporter Class Pre-Charged Pneumatic air rifle produced in the USA

This rifle is listed at $546 without a rear sight. Supposedly this put it out of the Sporter price range limit imposed by the CMP.

It is powered by Air, but you must refill quite often. In a 3x20 event, you should make sure it is recharged before the kneeling position.

Nice looking and very adjustable, but as of 2012 the accuracy is a hit or miss thing. Some guns are great, but more are iffy.

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