.22 Rifle
Silhouette Misc Info
(as of MAY 8, 2011)
Valencia County, New Mexico Shooting Sports
Note: 4-H shoots the Smallbore Hunting Silhouette Rifle rules. These rifles are the same as Highpower Hunting Silhouette Rifles except they may be single loading and the weight (10.2 lbs maximum).
4-H also prohibits fluted or composite barrels.
---------> Conventional hunting stocks ... (see rule 3.1.1(c))
---------> Only hunting style tapered barrels ... no Bull or Varmit permitted. (see rule 3.1.1(e))
---------> 2lb Minimum trigger weight
NRA Silhouette Rules are now online.

NM 4-H Rifle Pistol Scorecards

Printable Smallbore Targets (PAK-343K PDF)
.22 LR Ammo Test Target (scope recommended)
(10K PDF)
.22 LR 100YD Bullet Drop Target (scope recommended)
(53K PDF)
Silhouette Chicken (40 Meter Target)
(29K PDF)
Silhouette Pig (60 Meter Target)
(8K PDF)
Silhouette Turkey (77 Meter target)
(9K PDF)
Silhouette Ram (100 Meter Target)
(9K PDF)
20 Meter Practice Target
(16K PDF)
5 Meter Practice Target (Airgun)
(15K PDF)